The range of excavators available- which one will you require?

The range of excavators available- which one will you require?

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You’ve found a new construction job and you’ve started securing all of the plant hire machinery and equipment you need to complete the work required of you and your team. You very quickly realise that you’re going to need an excavator, but with such a range of them available, which one do you require to complete your job?

Excavators are everywhere in the plant hire industry, from mini excavators that are extremely mobile, to fuel-efficient full-sized excavators that are designed to give you a higher level of performance.

Mini excavator or full-sized excavator?

Ultimately, the final choice here is entirely up to you. A mini excavator is better for smaller construction sites where an excavator is needed but the site doesn’t have the space for a full-sized machine. Mini excavators often come with a range of attachments and are very adaptable. They’re build for versatility, and can still be rather powerful, despite their small size.

Larger excavators have more options. You can find full-sized excavators which offer durability, optimised hydraulics, and even heavy duty 47t excavators to help you with your larger jobs.

Mini excavators – The Kubota range

Kubota are a range of mini excavators that are used to getting their wheels dirty. Kubota builds their reputation from the sheer power and versatility that their machines possess. Their mini excavators are reliable and build for pretty much anything.

Kubota’s fleet of mini excavators were designed to take on any condition of construction site, including rough terrain and tight spaces. One of the best features of the Kubota design is the zero-tail swing that their mini excavators have – making them perfect for almost any location.

You’re likely to come across the KX series and U series of Kubota mini excavator machines. The KX series are typically lighter than the U series, but both have their advantages. Such as the Kubota U17-3, which gives its user excellent digging depth and reach.

Full-sized excavators

Mini excavators are still relatively new to the industry, which means it’s more common to come across options for larger, full-sized excavators than others.


The Caterpillar range is designed by CAT, a well-known brand that produces high quality plant hire machinery. The 300 series, in particular, is a family of excavators that has become the new industry standard for full-sized excavators in general, quarry, and heavy construction applications. Each of the 300 series Caterpillar excavators showcases fuel-saving technology, comfort-enabling features, and allows their users to be much more productive when they’re working.


Hitachi excavators are a different breed of excavator, and there are several of them in the Hitachi ZX series for any construction contractor to choose from. This series was designed with comfort and durability in mind, along with Hitachi’s improved hydraulic system to help each user reach a new level of power when digging and lifting.

They’re also secure and much safer to use, with a comfortable work space that allows for all round vision and a beautiful control layout.