Quick Ways to for Small Things You Forgot to Budget For

Quick Ways to for Small Things You Forgot to Budget For

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As budget savvy, as you try to be for some reason there’s always something you forget about. A co-pay for a doctor’s appointment, an online streaming service, or a credit card bill. Though these things aren’t large bills, if you’re living paycheck to paycheck or on a really tight budget even $50 could throw things off. You might have the cash available, but it would mean waiting until you get paid again and for some bills or expenses, you simply can’t hold on that long.

Having a backup plan, such as these strategies below will ensure you have the cash you need to cover the expense.

  • Charge it – There are some minor expenses that you may have left out of the budget that you simply can’t go without like gas, or money for groceries. If it can’t wait, then your best option would be to use a credit card to pay for it.
  • Small loan – If you’re talking about a bill that’s $100-$200, there’s really no need in taking out a bank loan or borrowing from your retirement account. Most loans require you to take several thousand out at a time which can be tempting and be more than you can afford to repay. You can instead, try bad credit personal loans to cover the costs. You can borrow as little as $100 and pay it back in installments.
  • Mystery shopping – need lunch or gas money but a bit short on the budget? Well, if you have some spare time on your hands, you could easily earn some money while shopping. Companies will pay you to shop and inspect things like the products, quality of service, and cleanliness of the facilities. You get to purchase an item for free and get extra cash for your time.
  • Answer Surveys – If you’ve got an opinion and 5-30 minutes on your hands you can secure some quick cash for those tiny things you forgot to budget for. Survey companies tend to have a dollar threshold you have to reach in order to get paid of about $10-$50. However, with thousands of surveys daily you can reach that quota in no time and have funds deposited in your account or sent through a payment gateway service.
  • Babysit – Need grocery money to tide you over until payday? If you have neighbors with children, nieces, nephews, or friends with kids you can earn some quick cash the same day by babysitting. Offer to watch kids for a few hours while their parents take care of business and you could have a few hundred bucks by the end of the day.
  • Sell Something – If all else fails, you always have something that is worth cash to another person or company. Sell an old car, cell phone, jewelry, clothes, shoes, whatever else you believe can generate some quick cash just to get by.

The best way to protect yourself from going over budget with the small things you left out is to build a cushion. By overestimating your expenses in other areas (just a smidge), you create wiggle room which can be used to cover the cost of things you forgot about. In the meantime, each of these ideas should help you to accumulate enough quick cash to cover the bills this month.