Peter Loftin’s Carrier and Achievements

Peter Loftin’s Carrier and Achievements

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While thinking about people, who have achieved great things from scratch or have become inspiration for others or have done loads of charitable deeds, one name that comes at the top of the list, is Peter Loftin. Thinking to do something new at the age of 25 and achieving it, is just phenomenal. It was not a small thing to start a Business Telecom Inc (BTI) in those times when technology was not at its best and the things were going at a very slow pace. His determination left his foot prints in the telecommunication industry. He proved that success can be achieved only by sheer hard work and dedication and today BTI ranks first amongst the best telecommunications companies of the nation. In the city of Raleigh, North Carolina, his company is considered as the biggest private employer also.

Most of the people may do business, deal in properties or other such things but very few people out there set an example and leave their marks for others to follow. One must take inspiration from those who made a fortune by their sheer hard work and dedication. Coming from a very humble background, this son of a farmer, Peter Loftin, struggled a lot to become a successful entrepreneur. Here we will acknowledge some of his achievements and deeds of charity.

With buying of Casa Casuarina in Miami in 2000, he added another feather to his cap. In order to buy this company, he had to sell a part of BTI. This was not only a business venture but it also was part of his charity work. Since Casa Casuarina required a good number of employees, he offered people jobs. He turned this place into a boutique and club both and opened it to the public. This way along with work, he could do charity as well.

After this achievement, Mr. Peter Loftin had something still bigger in his mind. In 2016, he founded a new company Whiskey distillery with the brand name ‘Bradstown Bourbon”. He joined hands with Constellation Brands and remained the chairman of the company. Now this company has planned to open a campus for the people with spending a whooping amount of $25 million.

Mr. Peter Loftin was one of the main founders of Globesec Nine. Later the name of this company was changed to “Torch Hill Investment partner”. This man is known for his kind heart and has donated lots of money to various NGOs. It is said that he has donated more than $10 million till date. Mr. Peter Loftin is a staunch supporter of Police Athletic League and North Carolina Museum of Science. After the catastrophe of 9/11, Peter became member of National Board of Governors.He is also known for donating a large amount to Special Operation Fund, an organisation which works for soldier’s children.

If you see the achievements of Peter Loftin and his charity deeds, you can say he is a very successful person in every aspect of life.

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