Three Vacuum’s that Work Great on Hard Wood Floors

Three Vacuum’s that Work Great on Hard Wood Floors

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We all want the best for our home. However, truth be told, finding the best vacuum cleaner for hardwood floor isn’t as easy as it may sound. There are a lot of choices available in the market, that it can be overwhelming for a homeowner to determine which one is the best. That’s why we have decided to do our own research and gather up the top 3 vacuum cleaners that work marvelously on hard wood floor. As for those who’s simply on the look for the perfect vacuum cleaner for their home? You can view more of that here and you’d discover how to choose the best vacuum cleaner out there.

1. Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional
Shark is one of those brands best known for their quality vacuum cleaner, and the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional is their best model for hardwood floor. Though, that’s not all; it also does a wonderful job on carpets as well! What a lot of homeowners love most about this vacuum cleaner is its affordability. As compared to other vacuum cleaners available in the market, the Shark Navigator is an absolute steal and a real bargain. It has a very powerful brush head that can be switched on and off once it touches the hardwood floor. Aside from that, it never loses suction, and the swivel steering feature offers maneuverability and overall control to the user. Another remarkable feature of this vacuum cleaner would be the “Dust-Away” attachment. This feature provides all the suction you need and it also comes with a soft pad for easy pickup of dust and large particles that the vacuum cleaner failed to suck. Thus, you’ll have the confidence that your floor would be 100% dust-free. Even those with pets at home would fall in love with this vacuum cleaner, because it can easily pick up pet hairs, and it even has an anti-allergen complete seal technology. Indeed, it’s an all-around vacuum Cleaner.

2. Bissell 1161
Our next choice would be the Bissell 1161 vacuum cleaner. This vacuum cleaner is specifically designed for hardwood floor, but it’s not limited to that. You can also use it on carpets. Though, what made this vacuum cleaner stand out among the rest would be its very powerful suction. Don’t worry, despite that, it’s still quite delicate on hardwood floor– you don’t have to feel anxious that it would leave a scratch during suction. This was made possible because of the well-designed floor head and features, such as the felt-covered wheels. Not just that, the floor head automatically retracts its brushes upon touching the carpet. Thus, it’s also great for dusting rags.

3. Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner
Last, but definitely not least, on our top 3 vacuum cleaners would be the Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner. It has gained popularity due to the fact that not only is it perfect for hardwood floors, but it can also be used as an all-around vacuum cleaner. Additionally, it features the time-proven Hoover WindTunnel system that pioneered the bagless technology. It also has a motorized brushroll that can be used on carpets,and a single flip of the switch, and you’ll be able to go back to hardwood floor cleaning.

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